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Private Comfort Measures Class $200

Hands on comfort measures practice
1 hour of in person coaching


Feeling unprepared and anxious about navigating the work that delivering a baby entail? This class is designed to arm you with highly useful comfort measures you can utilize during your labor. You will walk away feeling prepared and knowledgeable about skills that provide relief and allow for a smoother birth.

Planned Cesarean Doula $1400

Complimentary 45 min Consultation
Prenatal Birth Planning Session
Unlimited Text, Phone and Email Support
In-Person Support Pre and Post Op* If allowed
Postpartum support in the hospital (for 3 hours post-op)
1Postpartum visit

Cesarean birth is a beautiful belly birth that still deserves so much support and preparation. When you invest in the Planned Cesarean Birth package you will receive all the information you need to prepare for your babies' arrival in a safe, calm way. During your pregnancy you have me just a call, text or email away to answer any questions you may have as you prepare for your big day! Having a set date doesn't have to feel scary- we can make it exciting and joyful. I will help you feel educated about your options in the OR and be there to support you pre and post op. I offer extended postpartum support (3 hours) to my clients who have their babies via cesarean section and make sure you are well cared for. Your postpartum visit with me will focus on breastfeeding, healing and processing your birth experience.

Luminous Birth Package $1600
Complimentary 45 minute consultation
Unlimited text and email support
1 In person Prenatal

      *(comfort measures & birth plan review)
In person labor support
1 postpartum visit


The Luminous Birth package is for prepared parents who already know the ins and outs of childbirth but feel like they need to review comfort measures to feel confident. During your 1.5-hour prenatal visit we will go through my signature comfort measures class as well as dedicating time to reviewing and creating your birth preferences. You will receive the best doula care prenatally, during labor and birth, as well as postpartum. Immediately post birth you will have assistance beginning your breastfeeding journey and acclimating after your glorious birth. Within the first two weeks postpartum we will meet together in your home to process your birth, work on any breastfeeding challenges (if any are present) and have any new parent questions answered. You will feel respected, prepared and supported throughout this journey.

Brilliant Birth Package  $1800
Luminous Birth PLUS+
1 additional prenatal visit

      *(virtual- childbirth overview)

The Brilliant Birth package is often selected by first time parents and second time parents who are hoping to have a better experience than they had with their first child. With this package you will go from fearful to confident, experiencing everything that is included in the Luminous birth package, while also receiving an additional prenatal visit to go through a childbirth overview. 

Radiant Birth Package $2000
Luminous & Brilliant Birth PLUS+
A 3rd prenatal visit

      *(virtual-breastfeeding basics)

Postpartum Herbal Bath Gift

Birth pool Included * For homebirths *

The Radiant Birth package is for families who are anxious not only about birth but about their breastfeeding journey. After investing in my best package, you will receive everything in the Luminous and Brilliant birth packages, as well as a personal breastfeeding class taught by me to help you feel knowledgeable and prepared for the beautiful yet sometimes challenging journey of nourishing your baby. At our postpartum visit I will bring you a lovely healing herbal bath mixture and even draw up the bath for you.

Birth Pool Rental $200

Birth Pool in a Box Eco MINI

Set Up & Break Down

Usage Instructions

Are you wanting to utilize hydrotherapy for your upcoming homebirth? With this rental I will bring the pool to your home, get it set up, walk you through how to use it on birthing day, and explain how to use the electric pump to drain the water. Call me after baby is born and I will come over at an agreed upon time to breakdown, sanitize and remove the pool from your home. All you will need to supply is a disposable liner and a clean drinking water hose (these can also be purchased for an additional charge and enough advance notice).

** Your midwifery team may require other supplies, please check with them**

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