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Postpartum Doula Packages


Nervous about the first week home, adjusting to parenthood and taking care of your newborn baby? This package is meant for you. During our time together you will receive help with breastfeeding or bottle feeding and understanding the basics of caring for your baby (diapering, cord care, circumcision care, bathing, etc.). I will tidy up around the house so you can focus on your baby and learning all the new things parenthood brings. Recommendations and suggestions for postpartum healing will be provided so that you can rest, recover and heal well after your birth. You will gain confidence and feel much more at ease about your ability to take care of your precious new baby.


In addition to all the care that comes with the Afterglow package, this package includes learning all about newborn cues and how to best meet your baby's needs. If you are looking for help during those first two weeks home, this package is desgned to do just that. You will also learn how to wear your baby in that wrap or infant carrier you have (or we can practice with one I bring). If you have a few meals you would like made so you can sit back and enjoy your baby, I am more than happy to do so. I would love to make you breakfast and then get started on the learning and tidying that needs to be done during our time together.


Bright beginnings was created for families who want help during the first 3 weeks home with their baby. You'll receive all of the fantastic care that comes with the afterglow and luster packages, as well as having grocery shopping done for you. Have some specific meals you want made but don't the ingredients or running low on the staples - then I'm on it! During our time together I will teach you infant massage techniques so you can comfort, soothe and bond with your baby. I will also draw up an herbal or sitz bath for you- necessary supplies provided by me and included in your package. I look forward to helping you feel confident, rested and cared for during the early weeks of your fourth trimester.


My overnight package is meant for parents who want to focus on learning newborn sleep habits, soothing tricks and tips and general night time care. The purpose of this package is to facilitate greater rest and understanding of what to expect from a newborn at night. I will be with you overnight, for 8-12 hrs., depending on the coordinated schedule

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